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  1. Lol maybe I am. I go to spin class 2-3 days a week. Plus my ddpy yoga and weights, treadmill etc. I’m trying to get out there.
  2. Thank you for the holiday greeting. Hope you have a good Christmas. 🎅

  3. hope you have a great christmas, cabby!
  4. Oh yeah and ddp yoga is different than normal yoga. It uses dynamic resistance to work different parts of your body. I did the stand up routine today and was sweating buckets lol. Nothing Wednesday and I will do more Thursday.
  5. I hear ya on the resize issue but I won't talk about it too much. My aunt will give me a ride Thursday for my groceries and the first thing she'll probably say is: where to today, walmart? lol.
  6. Thanks I'm trying. I want winter to be over. Even spring here is like winter lol. Hope you are doing good.
  7. Thank you, I hope you have a good 2018.
  8. belated merry christmas and happy new year!

    hope 2018 brings health, happiness and peace to you and your family
  9. Been snowing here for a couple days now. I hear snowplows outside..
  10. Happy easter to you.

  11. merry christmas!
  12. Was good at cousins place.
  13. thanks, cabbie! hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!
  14. Happy Thanksgiving.. My nets been down for couple days. Have a good week.
  15. Thanks, my mom was yelling stop laughing and help me up lol.
  16. Yeah my boss is still a bit nuts though lol.
  17. he swears it works. hope it helps you too!
  18. Thanks, yeah I drink so much water I'm always peeing lol.
  19. Yeah I think it's good.
  20. that's a pretty generous bonus!
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