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  1. happy birthday, ev!

    hope you are well. miss ya!

  2. hope you're well, ev. haven't seen you around lately.

    happy holidays!

  3. merry christmas!
  4. Thanks for the B Day kitties HG! Really appreciate the greeting! Have a great one!

  5. happy birthday, ev!
    hope you have a fabulous day!

  6. happy easter, ev!
  7. Best wishes HG!

  8. have a wonderful holiday season, ev!

  9. happy birthday, ev!
    sounds like you had a busy birthday weekend!

  10. happy easter, ev!
  11. thanks, ev!

    hope cupid found you on valentine's day!

  12. Happy V Day HG!

  13. all the best for a fabulous 2014, ev!
  14. Wishing you the best this holiday season HG!
  15. thank you, ecatt!
  16. Have a great Birthday HG! Wishing you the best today and always!
  17. Hi HG! Wow, I just seen your post - are you going to see the Stones again tonight??? Did you buy tickets twice? If so where abouts are you sitting tonight? I'm still hoping to win tickets but time is running out! I thought Q107 was doing a Thursday call in for tickets every hour but I must have been dreaming!!! Anyways, enjoy!
  18. hi ev! glad you had a good time at SA last night.
  19. The S.A. was really good last night HG! I almost didn't go because I've seen M.W. quite a few times but I'm glad I did! He really put on a great show. When I got home last night I mentioned it, guess you did'nt see it! Have a good night!
  20. Season's greetings HG! hope your having a great time!
  21. Hi HG: Just wondering - I've tried to enter songs on the Stones spreadsheet but it doesn't seem to go through - is it only a few people who can do this??? Tried to put Jumpin Jack Flash in to no avail!
  22. Thanks HG! I think I will have a great time as I love nice beaches and they are known to be Very Nice in Punta Cana! Very last minute so I better hurry...take care!
  23. have a great time in punta cana!
    wish i was going with you!
  24. I had to mention I LOVE that doggie you posted as a good night thingie HG!!! I love them they are soooo cute, wish I had one to take care of!!!!!!!! have a good day HG!!!
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