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  1. happy easter!
  2. hiya vesper!
    hope all is well with you and you're not working too hard!
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Happy New Years!!
  5. Thanks for the rep! I am not cold, I'm comfortable!!
  6. Yes work mania is over.... Thank goodness!
  7. Surprise!!!

    Have a safe & Happy Canada Day Weekend!
  8. Hi Heartgirl! My friend had his car breakdown to the point it was not fixable near Medicine Hat, so I went to pick him up! Yahoo!!
  9. Happy Valentines!!

  10. Yahoo!!

  11. Yahooo!!!!!
  12. Merry Christmas!
  13. laughing! Funny! ha ha ha ha ha!!
  14. what theh*illizat?
  15. A very unnatural headache that I never experienced before. nothing serious. Thanks!!

  16. i feel asleep early
  17. You're a riot!
  18. Hello
  19. No I don't lol! You got one? I'm in Oklahoma now... Driving home!
  20. Still Texas and I wan to go home soon!
  21. Hi! Yes I am, it is for work, but when I am in Dallas, I am staying an extra day to visit dad, brother sister. Do you live in Denver?
  22. where are you? denver?
    what are you doing there work or fun?
  23. Thank you!
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