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  1. There's a whole forum just for trading. It's a sub-forum under the coupons forum. That way everyone on the site will see your trade list. A lot of people also post their trade list under about me on their profile because it is easier to find that way sometimes.
  2. Awesome! thanks for the link. Right now I'm making a list of the coupons I have to trade..there are quite a few of them, so I will post in that thread when it's ready.
  3. Hi Heather. Welcome to SC! There is a thread specifically for Saskatchewan coupon hunters; you can find it here. GivingSmall is from Saskatoon and she is currently hosting a group called "how to be an epic couponer". It doesn't look like you need much help figuring out the coupons, but it might help you learn about SC, where to find things, how to trade etc. and you can "meet" some new people. Looking forward to chatting with you more.
  4. Hi! Im always surprised to find local people on here. Im an hour east of regina, but i do moy shopping in the city, weekly.
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