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  1. My Pleasure Donna
  2. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you!!!!!!!!You are the best!
  3. Hi Hkymom66, the only coupons I am looking for right now are the following: $1 off any Sunlight detergent (insert not tearpad)
    $1 off green sunlight detergent (insert not tearpad)
    Sunlight inserts end in 78 and 76
    Nexxus $3 off expire in December 2011
    V8 .50c off tearpads (not the inserts or the tearpads that include golfish and V8).
    If you don't have any of those don't worry about it Your inserts in waiting for you ;-)
  4. Oh, you are wonderful. Thank-you! I live in Lewis Estates too! Are there any coupons you are looking for? Maybe I have some I can leave for you.
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