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  1. Awsome Misty, 10 janes coming your way
  2. I have 10 in total... 3 with UPC 14708826 & 7 of 14708813 they'll be in the mail in the morning
    Misty Parsons
    230 Woolner Ave
    Apt B 702
    Toronto, Ont
    M6N 1Y6
  3. Lets trade all your melitta for janes chicken evenly? How many melita coupons do u have? Ill just mail you the same amount of janes

    My address is:
    A. Lynch
    3821 dominion street
    Burnaby, BC
    V5G 1C1
  4. Hello, sorry i'm still new at this, & using my phone also... does "pm" mean private messages? I thought my 1st message was private for you... & I'm hoping for some of the coupons for the Jane's chicken strips, or any pet food coupons... thanks
  5. Hi mistyann lets do it. What coupons do you want? Also can you pm me my phone wont let me.
  6. Hello, I have 5 of Melitta save 2$ on any Melitta coffee expiry date DEC 31 2013 UPC 14708826 & 3 of Melitta save 2$ on new Melitta single server coffee or any Melitta coffee expiry date DEC 31 2013 UPC 14708813 if your still looking I'll send them for some of the janes
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