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  1. Thank you for the rep my friend... and you are right! It may be the 1st or 2nd time in 8 years.... but they wanted us at our desks.... the instant messages were flying....
    I took it easy at my desk though there are so many things I should have done around the house... I suppose it will wait....

    My winter...
  2. Thanks for the rep, partner....! I hope you have some good ideas planned for us later....
  3. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation and I agree.... about additional days..
    I see I missed your birthday.... I hope it was a wonderful day for you!

  4. Are you Mr Watson in disguise my friend?
    I work from home and have no colleagues here.... except my cats... and one talks enough for many colleagues. I keep SC on my laptop and I have my gmail open and I get distracted easily if I let myself.
  5. OK Mr 3 blue hearts.... NOw that you have moved forweard I am still stuck before my 4th arrives....
    Happy hump day.... and it is an easy week from here on in!
  6. Are you asking me if I have 1 or 2 humps.....
    Well being female, I have 2 only I do not call them humps.....
    Have a good one ~!
  7. Wow you are on vacation until the 10th? How did you swing that one? I am off until the 3rd, however my compnay closes between Christmas and New Years, and we have to use our own vacation daus for it... so I added on the remaining ones I had becaseu we cannot carry them over... I hope yor holiday is full of fun and love and of course good food! Wishing you and yours, a happy Christmas and a joyous New Year!
  8. Thank you for the personal message...I am on vacation until January 10th but I will be checking in as time permits...Best wishes to you and yours...Have a merry Christmas and a great New Year...
  9. Thanks for the thirsty Thursday rep.... Would you care for any of my snow?
    Have a safe drive to work tomorrow
  10. Thank you so very much for the rep and your good wishes for my daughter's good health... The good thing is that she will be better before the holidays... and she has
    a fabulous attitiude!
  11. Thank you for repping me...I do hope things are going well for you!
  12. Thank you for the rep my friend!
  13. Friday jr... it is for anothther 17 minutes... Have a great Friday!
  14. How ae you doing? Thank you for repping me while I have been sort of absent...
    I am sorry too foe the delay in thanking for them! xoxox
  15. Much happiness to you on this special Thanksgiving!

  16. Thanks for the rep yesterday. Work is keeping me out of trouble...
    Happy day before Friday!
  17. Money money money.... yes, I was working.... and only got to try a few times....and got only busy signals... There is always next week....
    Did you get through at all?
  18. Thanks you for the visit yesterday, and the weekend is grand! I hope you are enjoying yours! xoxox
  19. Thank you for the 1st fall rep and the welcome back rep! It was l;ater getting into Mtl and coming back too! I still love it there!
  20. Thanks for the rep.... You know I love pink, however I have lipstick and lip gloss in pink..... No pink outfits.... thank you very much! Hope you are loving every moment!
  21. Yes I like the sauce too. You can buy it at Loblaws in a package or if they have take out bbq chicken the sauce is ther with the meal deal. Also the sane at Zehrs and Great Canadain Superstore! Just in case you are interested!
  22. so quick and I couldn't catch the number due to the static. I called foe the 8 am one and got through. Garbutt told me you are the winner. Then we got disconnect... Oh well we will try again! Have a good one!
  23. Thank you my friend! I havenn't had a chance recently to thank you or anyone for the reps.... so here I am!
  24. Rain day rep? It didn't rain here at all. I am expecting no rain for the next 14 days...
    Thanks for the rep!
  25. You are great! You get me every day or just about everyday! I appreciate it!
    Hope you have a most enjoyable weekend!
  26. Thank you for the rep and leting me know my smileys appear in them.
    You have made my day!
  27. I hope you had a wonderful birthday however you celebrated! You are welome for the birthday wishes. I truly hope it is a superb year for you!
    And thank you for the rep you gave me...
  28. It is great to see you visitied and left me a rep too!
    I hope you are enjoying yourself! See you later...
  29. It is TGIF once again! Thanks for the rep... 1 week closer to my vacation!!!
  30. Yes me too except for a brief jaunt over to Buffalo to pick something up.... I haven't had my vacation yet and I need it.
    It has been a challenging year....and it is getting better...
    I appreciate the rep!
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