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  1. Thanks again for even more info! got lots to google now! have a goodnight!
  2. I can tell you more about the other kinds if you want, but search Kijiji and there are Facebook sites too I can send you URL's for if you want. The great part about second hand is that they are already prepped (normally you have to wash new diapers 5-6x)
  3. I love love my cloth diapers. They are a cinch, and believe me, you'll be doing laundry anyway so more one load isn't much of a stretch! I have GroVia, BumGenius, Kushies, RumpaRooz and FuzziBunz. I wash them in Tiny Bubbles (Grovia's detergent) - I bought a case at Costco for $73 (free shipping) and that included 6 boxes = $12/each usually about $15+ ship. I tried Nellie's but it really didn't clean as well, didn't get the stains out. I don't have a clothesline, I have a drying rack (also from Costco but you can get anywhere) and in summer, I take outside and in winter, just prop near my sunniest window (bleaches out the stains). The kind of diaper that works for you totally depends on the shape and size of your kid. My guy is an average size, chunky baby so basically anything works, whereas my gf with a long skinny baby likes different kinds. I bought all my BumGenius used for about $10-12 bucks a pop, and they have been great a total workhorse of a diaper.
  4. Thanks for the info! Im leaning towards using cloth diapers too.... another SC member on here was telling me about Kawaii baby... they seem to be the cheapest brand Ive come across in my research so far!
    what brand do you guys use? I will check out the wipes you mentioned... what brand of laundry soap do use to wash them in? and do you line dry them? I would prefer to put them in the dryer, because its a PITA to line dry stuff because we have a dog who likes to bolt when the door is open... lol. Thanks for your help! Melissa.
  5. Hey You put a bitz in hot water, and it dissolves. I thought you had to boil it on the stove - not so! I got a spray bottle from the dollar store and a hair spray one for on the go. I use cloth wipes, I have Grovia ones and homemade (even cheap washcloths will work) spray a little on and wipe. I use cloth diapers, so I just put the cloth in the washbag. even just water works for wiping but I love the smell of the bitz (mine are vanilla). Hope that's helpful, I would love to answer any more questions you have! Cheers, Holly
  6. hello there! just saw your post in the baby wipe thread.. you mentioned you use punkin booty bits? Im looking at the website, but can you explain a bit better how you use it? Im assuming you put one of them in a spray bottle with some water? and then spray the wipe and then use it?
    DH and I are planning on TTC our first in the new year, and I love researching baby stuff! thanks in advance!
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