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  1. Will do, I started one between my local stores but I still have huge gaps so it would be good to know!
  2. I have been tracking the best sales prices since January on everything I regularly buy. Best price on fresh produce, dairy, butcher & baked goods differs regionally - everything else should be same/similar for you and I. If you PM me your list of items you're waiting on a sale for, and an email address, I can respond with the best prices I know of.
  3. My main problem seems to be patience in waiting for that sale! I am still working out what is a "good deal" - how do you know?
  4. Let me know if you need any help with your Edmonton Stack trip!
  5. Thanks for adopting me! Haven't tried stacking yet but hope to do so on my next Edmonton trip.
  6. Awww you're adorable ~
    I was hoping for a girl!
    Hey Inlovewith blue, I'm you're new adoptive Mama. I live on Vancouver Island and travel to neighbouring towns to stack stack stack! Message me anytime with any question & I'll try to help the best I can
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