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  1. hey!! They are mmmm slow . Working on taking down the popcorn ceiling in one of the spare bedrooms that will become my husband's office. My poor arms and neck are killing me from it. We've purchase the flooring for that room and it's currently sitting in the living room so I should probably get my butt in gear and get it all how.

    How about yours?

    Thanks for the post on putting in a door. I have never been brave enough to try hanging a door. Scares me.
  2. How are your projects coming?
  3. We're lucky in the fact that my DH is a contractor. Good luck with all of your work... be safe!
  4. Hi!! We just bought our house 2 months ago and it's room by room at the moment. Our laundry room taps have taken to leaking (into the basement over the electric panel!) and it's obviously been a problem for a while so we need to replace the subfloor. So next on the "taking all our money" project list is a new laundry room . I need to make friends with a contractor
  5. Ah, you're sweet - thanks Home Depot and Rona have all my money too. What are you working on?
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