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  1. Thanks for the rating! Take it easy with those happy dances. lol
  2. Thanks for the trade rating..
  3. Thanks for the rating!
  4. Hey there.. How goes it?? Life is busy here and needs to slow down soon.. My fingers are crossed they will.. I got your envie late last week.. I think..LOL I also have redplums coming your way this week.. I was hoping to come down there one more time before the snow flys but it seems that may not happen..
  5. Hello! How you is? A lot of coupons under the bridge since you been on.
  6. Thanks for another rating! And you're amazing, too!
  7. Thanks for the rating! Nice to trade with you.
  8. Thanks for the friend request!
  9. Good evening there, I just wanted to let you know as soon as CP goes back to work I will mail out the coupons to you.. They have been waiting for a bit now..LOL All sealed and ready but then they got locked out.. So soon I will post them to you..
  10. Oh oh I don't think I like the sound of that..
  11. When you get enough reps, you go to heaven!
  12. Thanks for the reps what ever they are.. What are they used for??
  13. Thanks for the rep ironmanmom!
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