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  1. hahaha you'll have to wait and see
  2. xbox 360

    dare i even ask why lol
  3. what's your hubby's fav video game system??
  4. cute!

  5. yummmm generic cookies

    never thought i'd day THAT!
  6. good to know! generic cookies it is
  7. ahaha don't worry, i won't forget
  8. sounds good and don't worry it's not a RUSH i just didn't want you to forget
  9. oh yeah! didn't think of that. ok once i ship them i'll let you know the total. i'm off friday so can work on them then before going to TO and just might be able to mail them off sunday or monday
  10. do you have to pay a fee to etsy though? cuz i'll just paypal you the money without a listing if that's the case - i trust that you'll still send them! lol
  11. okeedokee. i'll let you know when they're ready and perhaps i'll just make a listing on etsy just for you so we can do paypal again if that works for you ?
  12. 40 cookies!
    Bub faints

    yep, that sounds good girl
  13. yay! so glad you loved it!!!!!!
  14. loved it! thanks for not letting me forget to watch it haha
  15. that will be on my to-do list today.. will investigate.
  16. i think i've seen ppl selling treats
    you should check?
    oh no rush i'm just saying whenever - i will buy some
  17. LOL ok. well let me do some number crunching to figure out a fair price point.
    also, won't be able to do this till not this, but next weekend. but i'm totally down for making you a ton!
    hey... can i sell cookies on etsy too? LOL
  18. a thousand dollars lol
    i dunno?
    money is no object for good cookies hehe
  19. lol ok! i can do that for you. how much do you want to spend?
  20. lol
    no i'm totally serious
    i don't care if they are themed - although i am a sucker for hearts but seriously, i'd pay you to send me a tin full lol
    they were SOOOO good!!!
  21. You want a case full eh?! LMAO ... perhaps I can do something for st patty's day? with green icing?
  22. oh yeah they look great! the color is so much brighter in person it's awesome

    so we ADORED your cookies lol omg SO yummy
    we want to buy more from you. like ... a case full
  23. you're welcome!! are the coasters ok??
  24. THANK YOU for the Bub Cookies!!! lol
    I was very excited
  25. woo hoo!! i'm so glad you received it already
  26. thank you! thank you!!!! got a little something from you in the mail last night! listened to the XX in the car this morn on the way to work - love it so far!!!!
  27. no problemo! DH loved them

    also, i am sending something out in the mail for you on Tuesday
  28. Thank you for buying lady!!!!
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