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  1. an apple AND a heart?! = bub!
  2. lol yikes that giraffe is scary!

    you might like this song from youtube
  3. Hope your weekend is WONDERFILLED!!!
  4. oh good, I am glad to hear! Sometimes aches and pains follow a day later so that's great news.
  5. Hey, bub! My son is okay, nothing physical bothering him after the accident; now just the wait to see what the car is assessed at, etc.
    Thanks for wondering! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!
  6. Hey girl, how is your son feeling?

    their new album is there to listen for free right now!
  8. Forgot to say, the variety is very cool, and some coupons I haven't seen before and are for things we already use and some things I want to try!
  9. i hope you can use some of them! :D
  10. This morning I received the coupons from the contest win, bub, and thanks so much for the surprise samples! You're a sweetie! Have a great day!
  11. Hope you have a great weekend!!!
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