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  1. yes yes but i THOUGHT it was the same movie lol
  2. But....but you said angel eyes lol
    Im confused haha I was gonna say she gets beat up in enough but you said you wwere watching angel eyes lol silly girl!
  3. oy vey - just realized i am watching Angel Eyes and NOT "Enough" ... bahaha
  4. yes , yes we should. Let me know when a day is good for you!
  5. lol ...
    we should meet up at square one one day i need to get out of the house in short spurts oh and also having some clothing that FITS would be awesome
  6. who is this I see?? hehe welcome back!
  7. ohhhh i see ... i thought i missed the big announcement lol

    there's a nice building right around the corner here it's brand new and quite big

    you should see about a townhouse maybe too i'll bet there are ones close to if not the same as apartment prices
  8. Hey we didnt find a place yet haha but you know me buying what I see and having less room bc of everything I am buying hahaha We looked at 2 places last I really like 17th floor vieew of the CN tower lake ontario! But it was pricey and only 1 bedroom. Were going to look at a few this weekend as well.
  9. Miss You too! Hope today is better Wednesday is just around the corner!
  10. miss you!
  11. *frown*
  12. Sorry to inform you that new show with Tony Robbins got canceled haha no more...apparently the last episode got 0.7 viewers ouch!
  13. Thanks lady!
  14. your new avatar is uber cute
  15. lmao! aye aye aye!
  16. ok last one haha could not resist! hahaha
  17. Saw this and thought of you and DH's star wars can hahahaha
  18. zomg SO cute.
    guess who is going to see Eclipse tonight? ME ME ME ME ME MEE!!!!!
  19. This is adorable...I thought you would appreciate! lol
  20. thanks
    i changed 9 times i think ... i hope that's not an indication of a bad evening ahead lol
  21. *drooling* thanks LOL

    Have fun tonight!
  22. courtesy of cab lol
  23. lmao NO i was going to send that to YOU!!! lol

  24. if this doesnt get ur attention, I dont know what will! *faints* lol
  25. Older DS calls me a "gimmet" instead of midget LOL
  26. you sent me this amazing gift once - so i figured i would return the favor

  27. ahahaha vee you are so cute

    fallenpixels made the siggy for me - isn't it grand?
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