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  1. okay seriously, he's so beautiful!!
  2. AWE! well if that doesn't just grow the love in your then i don't know what will
  3. I hope so, Bub! And he is smiling so much now... He responds to DH and me when we talk to him and play with him. He loves being kissed!
  4. well that's great D... seems like Ethan is well on his way to having a regular routine!
  5. Yes and no... 2 nights ago, we gave in and fed him at 3:30 am, because he only had 2 ounces before he fell deep asleep... But last night, he slept till 5 am... not too bad... would have preferred 6 am though... but I'll take it!
  6. is he still sleeping like a good boy?
  7. I love his hairdo too! It's au naturale!

    Wouldn't mind having that hairdo if I am a guy!
  8. omg look at that hair! eeee he's so stinking cute
  9. LOL! That is quite a wacky picture!
  10. hmm but maybe that would ruin your ability to swoon over Edward, so nevermind lol
  11. LOL! Now you are definitely making me want to name him Ethan Edward! Hubby is going to kill me!

  12. you still have time to convince DH! lol ... yes Ethan Edward does sound good ... hmmm
  13. You meant I am not naming him Edward, right? To tell you the truth, I was going to name him Edward! Hubby vetoed it big time!

    Hmm... Ethan Edward doesn't sound too bad neither, right?
  14. at least you are naming wooflet Edward lol
  15. Hard to feel like a 17 when I am so heavily pregnant!

    I'm glad you gals like Twilight! At least I can talk about it without feeling sheepish... Hubby always rolls his eyes at me when I go ga ga over Edward!

    Wonder if he's jealous! LMAO!
  16. LOL ... It's okay to feel 17 again right?! RIGHT?!
  17. True... I think I'll just go watch Twilight again instead!

    Look at us... a couple of swooning girls! LMAO! Brings me memories of my teenage years
  18. New Moon has a SERIOUS lack of Edward though - BUT that kiss near her car makes up for it - best scene in the movie *swoon*
  19. Like?! That's a major understatement! I love it! Thanks!

    Now I feel like watching the movie again... Oh wait... hubby got me "New Moon"! Heheheheehehehe!
  20. had a feeling you might like it
  21. Edward!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I really, really love that scene... A romantic guy playing the piano... I'm swooning now!

  22. LOL! tmi!! tmi!!!

    yeah i should have bought the powder but i thought i heard the whole seeds were better ... anyways, it was fine for me but the kids were a tad alarmed there was a crunchy thing in there lol ...
    i can't wait to make more variations!
    oh and today i used the blender BUT i bought the $7.77 handheld!
  23. Hey... flax seeds... That's an awesome idea! I think I have some flax seed powder at home... Next Green Monster, I'm throwing some in! Hopefully, that'll help with the umm... constipation problem that everyone says I will have?

  24. yes we bought bananas too
    i put flax seeds in it though, like the whole seeds and they didn't blend so it was a bit crunchy LOL
    but next time i'll just mash those in the mortar/pestle first

    otherwise the actual FLAVOR was quite good.
  25. Yay!!!!! I'm glad your boys like it too! I think this is a great healthy drink, and get the little ones to enjoy their greens!

    I am drinking one now... But I ran out of bananas... Somehow, I like my smoothies with a banana!
  26. yes!! and my boys did too - they helped me put all the ingredients in

    next time i will make it a little different but for the first try it was really good!
  27. Oh... did you like it? Did you like it?
  28. yummmmmy green monster!!
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