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  1. it's like you're a machine!
  2. HAHAHA annerator, I love that!
  3. That's so his hair REALLY looks like a bad toupe. BAhahaha!
  4. all grown up just for you...

  5. it's flipping PERFECT
  6. BAHAHA! The Wheetabix has a zoom lense?!
  7. apparently back to Agnes I go!!!! Lol
  8. Well that was ahem...interesting...and by interesting I don't mean interesting whatsoever lol. I mean highly disturbing lol.
  9. PM!!!!!!!!!!! omg ... PM!
  10. i am looking through an ollllld notebook i found with lovey dovey lyrics all over it and posting extremely random music to go along with it in post anything lol

    funny looking back
  11. yes ma'am! lol
  12. no blah anne! i need happy anne at all times! lol
  13. lol Cut to the chase Bub.
  14. ew no that's kinda wrong LOL
    as wrong as a goatee in fact
    ... a slim fitting t-shirt will do
  15. and with POCKETS ... and colored TIGHTS ... and adorable SHOES ... who even needs a shirt? lol
  16. haha, yes things that flatten the stomach are always a huge bonus!
  17. yeahhhh probably everyone lol

    it fits really nicely! i like the flat band on the waist so you don't look preggers haha
  18. lol I wonder how many people think we are insane? Probably lots but I don't mind. I checked out that skirt in the plum colour on the Old Navy website. Now I may need both of them.
  19. HIGHLY awkward ... but very necessary
  20. Hahahahahaha!!!
  21. BAHAHAHA!! That's what happens when I spend two hours getting ready on new years eve but I'm still sitting around waiting for someone to come pick me up's picture time!
  22. who are you modelling for in those pics hmm?
  23. me no blog no mo. LOL Me do tech deals. You blog the mousse HAHA!
  24. did u want to blog the dr.O deal?

  25. okay i won't sound crazy at ALL doing this ....
  26. You have to say it like this FABubulous, fast, and it sounds like you are stuttering lol. Just practice it lol.
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