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  1. Happy new year and hope you have been having good holidays.
  2. Haven't seen you around much, hope all is going great for you.
  3. I'm good thanks, Just tired, this guy was fired at work and I'm training someone new. I think he flipped out sun morning and started swearing at all the guests, oh man lol. I hope you're doing ok.
  4. hey cabbie thanks! how the heck are ya?
  5. Hey the pic of your dress and pink why i like you..because you're you..
  6. Bub, you know the band Bombay Bicycle club? I'll be seeing them feb20th in Vancouver. Most of my plans are in place for my short trip to vancouver.
  7. I hope you stick around because this place isn't the same without bubby.

  8. I assume its bubbys den,lol oops sorry ok I'll vote right now.
  9. Bub which one is ours though, just want to make sure I vote on the right one..
  10. yeah most days i am good
  11. They don't have to touch each other,lol.
    Hey just as long as you're doing ok, im happy.
  12. but but they are SISTERS!! lol
    that would cross all sorts of lines
  13. Hey bub, I tired to respond while at work but the computer kept freezing our wifi at work sucks and is no better than dial up when it does work. While I won't pretend to know about your personal life whenever you mentioned things on here you guys always seemed happy. Its crazy but I know you'll be ok in the end. Now all you need is to get yourself a 3 way with tegan and sara..
  14. there..Have a good day.
  15. Bubbers, 2 threads in the shoppers drugmart section about the get a $10.00 gift card when you spend $50, do your job already and merge them,lol.
  16. i wish
  17. Thanks for the rep bub, shouldn't you be squeezing meat,lol.
  18. Well I love you too bub...well you know what I mean,lol...
  19. awesome gift!
  20. Geez that was fast,thanks lol. Yeah she is a big fan. I got her that, the first book and the twilight journals.
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