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  1. thanks bub for the nice comment about my rexall brag-how you been keeping happily married i guess
  2. oh how nice! do u have your mom of the bride outfit all picked out?
  3. congrats bub just read you are getting married this month enjoy -my daughter is too-that sure beats the january blues for sure
  4. so happy for you bub -thanks for the rep
  5. oh hello!!
  6. hey bub how is it going -i love your glasses
  7. thanks for the nice rep
  8. happy holidays bub - to you and all your family
  9. oooh gorgeous!!
  10. thanks for the nice rep bub
  11. thanks bub for messaging me the other day - but i had no internet til now- im still stuffed - so we can work on my avator another time okay
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