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  1. yikes ... SO cold!!! :S
    lots of indoor hobbies i take it then?

    i have a hard time with hobbies, i never know what to do with myself.
    going to take sewing back up, and maybe a few cooking classes just to do something different ... i dunno, i read a lot, play online games, etc.

    been nice catching up with you!
  2. yeah I don't do it for other people but if other people want to read it that is fine. what doesn't help my mood is the darn weather though. Monday was blowing snow and zero visibility and -40 windchill, yesterday was -36 without windchill and sunny and this morning it is -24 with a windchill of -36. oh and it's snowing again today. on the bright side, tomorrow is supposed to be -9 which will feel balmy!!! lol
  3. i write too - but i write for me. if someone reads it that's cool but i write just to get the stuff out of my head and also because it's a healthy hobby

    also: at Patty's photo below
  4. Thanks Bub. I do find that focusing on my blessings is helping-my blog has helped me if nothing else. I don't think anyone is really reading it other than my mom. oh well. if no one else reads it that is fine. I am not the best writer I think but I try to share my thoughts. but I try to keep my eyes on the positive stuff and it helps a little bit.
  5. awe, hang in there dear ... i know how tough life gets sometimes trust me! but keep plugging away, find the little things that make you smile to get through each day that's what i do anyways!
  6. thanks for the rep. not doing so good. but started a facebook page for Felix. maybe I am not so good at writing from his point of view. lol will be taking new photos though. I made him a St.Pat's outfit.
  7. Hi Bubs! long time no chat. lol sorry about that. I am coming on here more though lately. missed chatting with you! hopefully you are doing well?
  8. Thanks Bub! I really appreciate it!
  9. haha-the tylenol kicked in and I fell asleep but no dreams of Edward. lol I will try read faster! lol
    I have heard about the tylenol with caffeine-I should maybe try it. I usually use the rapid release. I have enough coupons tho to buy more tylenol for practically free at LD so I should get some with the caffeine maybe. lol
  10. ooh Eclipse is the best one, read faster!!

    yeah did you know there is actually tylenol WITH caffeine? I used it for a while. Works faster
  11. thanks bub. I am trying just extra strength for now and drinking a can of pepsi with it-caffeine usually boosts the tylenol. lol I am going to go take it easy and read. I still haven't gotten to the third twilight book yet. lol days like today are a blessing in disguise because i have an excuse to stay in bed all day and read. LOL
  12. Thanks for the Rep!!!! I will try stay warm!
  13. thanks for the rep! you are right huh?!
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