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  1. Thanks so much for the reps bub, and I hope you have a great weekend, Moe.
  2. Thanks so much Bub.
  3. Another yummy rep treat, thanks bub's.
  4. Mmmmmm thanks for the yummy reps bub, hope you have a great Monday.
  5. Well thank you, the hubby's aunt is an artist, she is now into watercolors, man can she ever do some excellent work.
  6. same. haha

    well here you can keep it on your page

  7. It was a beautiful pic, I wish I had a talent like that, I can't even draw stick people to look right.
  8. I wish!
    Nope I just found it on
  9. Did you draw that bub? Saw it in the thread and thought it was awesome. Thanks so much for the rep.
  10. Hi ya bubs, thanks for the rep boost. Hope your having an awesome day, Moe.
  11. Thank you for the rep boost, and hope you enjoyed your anniversary.
  12. We miss all your wonderful posts, you are such a treasure here on SC.
  13. Morning bub, thanks fopr the reps. Have a great start to the new week, Moe.
  14. HI ya bubs, thanks so much for the smiley rep, hope you have a great weekend, Moe.
  15. HI ya bub, thanks for the reps, am unable to rep ya back, right now. Hope you have a great afternoon, Moe
  16. you too!
  17. It's surprising how something like that can happen and just wreak your day. Hope you have a nice evening, and an even brighter weekend, Moe.
  18. awe well that's okay then it's not every day and you get extra time at home

    i am sad my hoodie just ripped lol ... what a dramatic life i lead
  19. Me too, just hiding in the backroom, lol. Ya I do 2 shifts 11-12 hours a week, and 2 7-10 shifts, that way I get an extra day off thru the week with the little ones. But after the youngest starts school this fall, it may change a bit.
  20. 12 hours!!!

    well i am at work too for another hour and a half. bored. trying to work as little as possible. *yawn*
  21. Hi ya bub, thank you for the rep boost. How's things been going? I'm just hiding in the office at work. slow right now, but gotta be here for 12 hours today, ick. Hope you have a great weekend, moe.
  22. Lol, what a wonderful cheery morning rep, the little ones loved it. Thanks a bunch bub, hope you have a great day, Moe.
  23. Thanks bub for the reps, trying to get in there to yak, but am stuck at work.
  24. Hi ya bub, thanks for the rep and the nice greeting.
  25. Thanks for the rep bub, and nope not a knob, very thoughtful. Have a good nite, Moe.
  26. Awww, thanks bub, I needed that. Atleast they say watching fish is calming, and around here, that's what we could use, some calm time. Thanks again for the gift, Moe.
  27. Good morning bub, thank you for the rep boost, hope you are surviving the holidays, take care, Moe.
  28. Thank you for the rep boost bub, have a great Friday, Moe.
  29. Thank you for the reps bub, have a good one, Moe.
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