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  1. hi, bubs, saw something you'd like to know about.
    tegan and sara,
  2. please go and REMOVE the photo. that is all i am asking. i am not sure why you don't understand???
  3. ok, ask them?? what have i done??
  4. hope you have a great time, bub,,,,
    and really they are people,,,eh?
    do the same things we do, toliet paper?
    on sale??? oh goody,,,,

  5. well,,,,
  6. hi bub, congrats,

  7. he does look so cute, or so shocked, that you love him so,,,
  8. lmao ... aye aye aye!
  9. just cause,,,,
  10. thanks for the rep, bub.
    maybe molly isn't used to
    live tv,,,,
  11. so, thanks again,,,for the present. and being so exact in the timing,,,you didn't know,,,
    oh noo - you have esp. have you seen the vid i posted before?
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