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  1. mmmnnnnnn
  2. also has real eyebrows....

  3. bwuahaha ....
    NO, no you may not. Unless you find a mother.
  4. Can I haz just one meatball mr ikea sir?
  5. I cant leave the comment I want to.
  6. Ya I wish, I had already invited someone to go with me. Stupid stupid haha, otherwise I totally would sell em
  7. wow! Sell them!! lol
  8. LMAO! Only you.
  9. oh and I ended up picking lady gag from my air canada free tickets via light falling on my head. I decided that in september. They JUST got them and sent them to me. 3rd row!!!! Worth 200 bucks each!
  10. I like how hes pulling at the corner of the sweater like a dog. Woof woof lol!
  11. lol yup i totally did ... someone can undo it though if need be can't they? but really i think it was well deserved
  12. OK LE bub have fun making zee dinner.
  13. seems no one can survive without Le Bub

    kk seriously off to make dinner this time
  14. Yeppers! You should never log off really.
  15. the things i miss when i go to the hospital!!! lol ...

    (off to make dinner)
  16. zomg nope ... off to search lol
  17. Ok just wanted to let u know no pressure lol!
  18. no i do i do lol i just can't right this second the kids are jumping all over me

    hmm ... not really sure...
  19. OK, you dont have to if you dont want to though. DO you know anyone else that would want to?
  20. ah crap i forgot! whoopsies!! please remind me tomorrow i will do it from work
  21. The stache picture is only for very special peoples.
  22. i thought you might like that lol
  23. nope. wasn't me!!
  24. Noones listening lol!
  25. save bub!!!! anyone reading this save me from sally!!
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