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  1. Thanks for the rep and sharing your tip . Have a great week coupon girl!
  2. Thank you for the rep . Best wishes to you and your family with the up coming birth!
  3. Thanks. I think you are right. I was thinking I should get my husband to use his phone for co51 if the phone users get better deals. I only use the computer too but I am also happy to get all that money from co51.
    Have a great Friday
  4. You're welcome. Sometimes I wonder what people do with the loads of things that they get in their brags. It is nice to see that they can get some really great deals but it is really nice when they can share it too.
  5. Thanks again for your great advice
  6. hi again -I have price matched meat at walmart but its getting harder -if it says ribs in cryovac -walmart will not price match that cause their ribs are not in cryovac plastic and you cant price match their chicken breasts cause they are a set price at 10.00-so they wont do that either
  7. Thanks for your tips. The peaches from walmart were really juicy but not so sweet yet. I think if I leave them out on the counter for a couple of days they will get sweeter. Have you ever price matched meat at Walmart? I never tried at Walmart. Now that I know you can do it at freshco, I will definitely pm meat at freshco. I just find it a bit of a hassle to pm at my fresco because they will only pm against other local stores (and not Shoppers), and they limit to only 2 items per pm. I like to pm at RCSS and walmart since they don't care how many items you buy.
    I have been learning so much on smartcanucks. People are very helpful to each other. Have a good weekend.
  8. thank you -and welcome to s.c -I have been couponing for 30 some odd years and I can tell you that there are not many coupons coming out anymore -so I love price matching -just started price matching the meat last year -it really saves and the peaches from walmart were so fresh and juicy -just ate 2 for 2.88 an awesome price for Ontario fruit -thanks again for the comment and have a great weekend
  9. Thanks . I never thought of price matching meat at Freshco before.
    Thanks also for the tip or reminder to price match the peaches at Walmart. I got some today at walmart and they looked so much better than the ones at Food Basics.Enjoy your evening and have a nice Friday!
  10. Thanks. I will have to drop by Reitmans today. I hope I can find something. I hate hanging onto gift cards. Have a good Sunday!
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