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  1. Amsterdam Brew House has a tour today as well!
  2. Yeah man!
  3. Cheers!

  4. Get Well my Friend!
  5. Group hug and cheers and beers!
  6. Thanks for the heads up on my date mess up, way ahead of myself!
    LOL, Thanks!
  7. Just noticed on the cruze spreadsheet the month of April (4) is being used, should be 3, unless I missed a month somewhere?
  8. Seems you figured it out, good for you!
    Just make a post in the thread and we all benefit.
    If you have specific questions, most everyone will help, just ask.
    Happy to have another contributor!
  9. thanks for the link,i just found it today and your message about keeping it in the family, but i am just learning how this all works,where do i give an answear if i know one?
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