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  1. im doing well thanks for the offer of inserts but i got some. none of the redplums but it seems there was really only one good coupon so maybe next time. thanks for the offer though!
  2. hey hows it going? its been going good for me i guess the kids are doing great and im still couponing building my stock pile lol so its great just wondering if you needed at of the smart source inserts ? the one with windex
  3. yeah i was out of town visiting my family and they dont have very good internet out there. so it was nice to get away.
  4. poppin by to say hi and see how you and the lil ones are doing...havent seen u on in awhile!!
  5. i definetly am sure tryin to get the hang of the couponing fiasco... but without my help from you and other SCer's i wouldnt know very much so Thanks to you and everyone else that reads this blog and helps someone else who needs help
  6. wtg girl you are definetly getting the hang of coupons!!!!!
  7. coupon angels i love that!
  8. oh and your personal pic im guessing its your cat is too big of a pic you cant see it.. they cut it off alls you get it fur.. cant even scroll over to see the cute animal do you have a smaller pic to show ?
  9. im in the same boat as couponclippingmama live across from londonderry mall and have no couponing friends.. so maybe all 3 of us can get together and become friends that can help each other out and get the best deals and such... maybe create our own lil coupon group we could even call us the coupon angels lmao...... seen it on extreme couponing and made me laugh thought i would pass along the laugh. let me know have a great day
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