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  1. Hey friend Nice to see you!!! Where you been hiding?
  2. Hi!!! Hope you are doing well!!!

  3. haha I see it now I have to go right into the site dummy me thanks a million
  4. I still can see them on!
  5. I only see 1.50 must be over : (
  6. Hi, if you go here: and click on coupons you'll be directed to save. ca and there are 2 FPC!!!!
  7. Peek A Boo!!!
  8. Glad to hear : )
  9. Happy Easter!!!!

  10. NP thought I would check to see anyway I think I am good for pins was clollecting for a trade I did lol
  11. Thank you for the invite but I am poor in coupons... But... I have some icoke pins!!!

  12. Happy Valentine's day!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, girl!

  14. Happy New Year!!!

  15. maybe she is short in real life lmao
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