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  1. Hi Laurabelle81!!! So sorry to bother you but I have a quick question for you.Can you please say to me because I remembered read it in the brag section a few weeks ago ...where it is indicated we can purchase our boxes of admissible kellogs cereals boxes in advance and witch date in advance for the 5$ wub 2 prepaid grocery cards. Because I was sure it was beginning today and I bought 10 boxes (they where in sale but still expensive) and I would like to do this promo.You can answer me in my message , or pm me .Thanks Have a great rest of the week
  2. Hi .For the kellogs rice krispies squares on differents devices and browser i tried edge and brave and i see the free coupon but when i select it and 4 others one it ask me to enter to my kelloggs account and my account is now that normal you had experienced that??? I had no problem with chrome and different devices,so now i find that bizzare maybe i ordered to much coupon ..i dont know...PLMK the answer in pm or in my page thanks have a great week end
  3. Hi, yes I used the same address for the Rice Krispies treat FPCs. One order per browser, and used a couple different devices.
  4. Can you email me please .Messaging is not working.I have heinz mayo fpcs
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