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  1. ty for the rep - have a great Sunday
  2. Hello Lime - Thanks for the bday wishes - cheers to you

  4. Have a great rest of the weekend...maybe the weather will be better tomorrow....mind you I have to admit...I quite enjoyed being a lazy sloth today and blaming it on the rainstorm...cheers
  5. TY for the welcome home greeting..skiing out west was and for the record I did not order this white stuff
  6. hope you have a wonderful Friday, leading into a brilliant weekend....
  7. happy now - winter is back...have a wonderful long weekend
  8. have a great Thursday.....hope you ar ekeeping well
  9. happy friday to you
  10. pre new years cheers to you and yours
  11. thank you for the christmas card...hoping you had a wonderful time, and that Santa was good to you. Health and happiness!!!!

  13. tis the season
  14. skiing was great - it's all downhill from here on in ahahahaha get it ahaha...sorry haven't had a tea yet..have a loverly Friday
  15. thursday evening greetings
  16. go Leafs go
  17. Thanks for the rep Lime...hope you are doing well.....are you ready for just waiting for more snow here
  18. thanks for the rep..have a great day
  19. weekend reps
  20. wow I must be up too late to be awake at the same time as you...................
  21. hpoe you are keeping well...go Leafs go
  22. Morning Lime, am in rep jail...bake me a cake okay????
  23. Good Day Lime...thanks for the rep, hope you have a great day
  24. heh there fav night's life by you.thanks for the rep and saying hi
  25. ty for the rep..have been away..didn't want you to think I was unrepping you
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