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  1. Hey Lime.
    I have been so out of it of late...... I thought for sure I missed that answer.
    Using your answers early am I got eh 600 points... Thank you so much!
  2. Hey good looking..... I hope you had a good weekend..... Mine wa...s just spent 2 days in the car.... Have an excellent week!
  3. I haven't joined... what do I do?
  4. Thank you sweet lime!
    How very thoughtful of you to send me birthday greetings...!

  6. Hey there big boy!
    Thnk you for the rep the other day. I fell behind yet again... Will you forgive me???
  7. Thanks Lime. Wednesday was good.... I am looking forward to even better days ahead! How about you?
  8. Thank you Lime. Funny thjing, since I posted that pic, I have seen it all over the internet.... Today is my laundry day, and tree decorating day.... Picked up a 7ft tree yesterday and got it up on the stand last night.... today is decorating time...
    Have an enjoyable day!
  9. How are you my dearest Lime? ARe you behaving or misbehaving? Whcih ever, as long as you are enjoying it.... Painting is on the agenda this weekend.... Interested???
    Have your self a wonderful weekend!
  10. Hey Lime! How is it going? Did your Monday start off well?
    How was your weekend?
    BTW thank you for the rep too!
  11. Lime you and I must chat.... I may join that group.... though I do not know much aboiut it... PM me.. and thanks for the rep.
    I have beenn swamped at work..... and have worked into the evening....I will expect a pm from you soon!
  12. Happy Halloween Lime! Hope you are having fun!
    Thanks for repping me....and about the Vinyl thread.... Tell me more!
  13. Hi Lime! Thank you for thinking of me even thouhgh I have barely been here of late...
    Hope your week ends exactly how you want it!
  14. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.
  15. How are you doing? I wanted to rep you when I saw you the other night. but lately I have ben so busy at work, I do not think straight when I am done....
    Thanks for thinking of me!
  16. Hi Lime.
    Thank you for the rep and for the congratulations on my 2nd heart! It is so thoughtful of you! Have a super week!
  17. I am doing well thank you! My boss has gone insane, and has given my colleague and I some almost impossible targets...... Oh well. I love my work, and am not a quitter!
    Thanks for repping me!
  18. You too my friend....I hope it warms up. Last week the weather out east was hovering around 40..... Have a good night!
  19. Thanks for the rep Lime, and yes we did go whale watching, and we sailed from the Halifax harbour into the Atlantic for a few hours.... it was 44 there. So many records broken with the hot temps. Have a good rest of the short week!
  20. Thank you Lime. You are so kind! I hope you ae enjoying the last days of summer as we know it!
  21. Thank you for repping me... I looke for you yesterday to rep and you were not to be found...I will look again! Later!
  22. It seems that not long after you log opn I am signing off...
    I am always happy to hear from you!
  23. Hello my friend! Are you nocturnal? I am a night owl too....
    and try to get to bed at a reasonable time.. Thansk for repping me and I do hope you are enjoying the
  24. It is a wonderful day today and the weather is perfect! I hope you have terrific one too! . Thanks for repping me!...later
  25. Hey my friend! Thank you so much ! I hope you have an incredible weekend! I will see you soon!
  26. Thansk for the visit and rep! did you enjioy yourself this long weekend? I had a tiotoal of 5 days off and I could use a few more! My next vacation is the last week of August. I will need a few days off before then.... any time away planned for you?
  27. Thank for the rep my friend! I sure hope your Monday was exceptional!!!

  28. I did have a great Wednesday... and thank you for the rep! to day is Thursday already, and tomorrow, the weekend begins...Hope yours is great!
  29. ... I asked if he was coming to town and mentioned about his daughter being on DWTS and how proud he was.
    Personally I could care less about him.... and most likely him about me!
    Have a fun Monday!
  30. Thank you Lime! I did have a great day! I hope you had a great one too!
    According to the radar It looks like rain here tomorrow.... Oh well.
    I can always go play in puddles.. and you are welcome to join me!!!
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