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  1. Have a good Day K, and thanks for the reps! I am off to work, will chat later
  2. It is pretty easy lites you find a pic on the web upload it to your albulm copy and paste the url go to your profile then paste it in certain spots in the background image!!!!
  3. you always have the nicest colorful I have no idea how to do that
  4. thats okay i also left a comment there, haha
  5. I just got bub to merge they had 4 threads I am sooooo mean lol
  6. thanks so much! hope you liked it!
  7. Yes you are in my pile of to do I received it today but received 6 others today also lol!!! Thanks so much will leave feedback now and check you off as complete lol
  8. thanks for my raok...did you receive mine yet?the dog/cat food ones and such?
  9. Thanks lites!!!
  10. Merry Christmas!!
  11. Yes I was sound asleep. Getting all this Christmas stuff done is tiring hope things are going well!!!
  12. How are ya doing Kim?? I hope you are busy getting ready for Christmas, I love the pic of your tree that you posted
    All is well here, getting ready for the big day, I am cooking a turkey and now a ham too (DH wanted a spiral ham and WM had them on cheap)...I finished most of my baking, and now just have a few things left to do.
    Chat you later, you're probably in bed right now and I am talking to myself, LOL
  13. Thanks for the rep Can't say things are amazing but not the worst in the world either lol. Hope things are going well your way!!!!
  14. Thanks Kim! Happy Hallowe'en to you too!
  15. Good Morning back to you well I guess it would be evening at least here lol. Hope you had a good day!!!!
  16. good morning....
  17. Yes we had a great weekend decided not too let things get me down(long story lol) Sad enough NEVER made Turkey before and really didn't have the funds so had Roast Beef Mashed Potatoes and Frozen Veggies. How was your thanksgiving?
  18. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend with your kids..did you cook a turkey this year?
  19. Hey all you do is find a pic on the computer save to your computer add it to your pics then go to your profile and add url in the background image
  20. awe Kim, I LOVE it, it is soooo sweet, the two little girls are so precious!
    Hey how do you get such funky backdrops on here?
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