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  1. Yes I heard that also about SDM. I personally haven't tried stacking coupons at Zehrs but my friend Daniel tried. He said the first time it was a... no go but the next time he went in and talked to the assistant manager he pulled it off.He used to work at Zehrs and his user name is apehead1 on here.
  2. Good morning, FYI i was at up town SDM on thursday and they informed me that they no longer accept internet printed coupons unless they at SDM coupons. I don't know why i bothered, i was looking for vitamins, so i got rain checks from down town. Also have you tried stacking coupons at Zehrs, If so how did you make out?

    Have a great day. Liwly
  3. Do you use the Dempster Smart Bread coupons? Would you be interested in a Europes Best FPC or a Quaker 4.00 coupon?
  4. Could you call me at 519 371-0779 so you can walk me through this. I'm on the SDM site now. Thanks.
  5. I got your message today regarding referr a friend, you have been assigned to group #18. have got e-mail from Freedomz?
  6. Is it too late to sign up for the "referr a friend"? I need to know exactly how to get in on it!
  7. I forget what these stand for: raok and oop. I'm sure you know!! Thanks
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