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  1. Oh, it's a printable one. Printables are not really my department. I don't use them or have any on file, sorry.
  2. well there is/was a printable one that people are redeeming at my store, I wonder if they have it saved in a PDF format and are using it over and over until it expires???
  3. Sorry, I don't have any images of a Glade $2 off coupon and I'm not familiar with it. Was it from one of the coupon inserts? I went through eleven different Redplums, Smartsources and Brandsavers and found all sorts of Glade coupons and Airwick coupons but not a $2 Glade.
  4. do you have a PDF file with the glade $2.00 off?
  5. Thanks for the rating!

    TWO DAYS for a letter to get from BC to Ontario?!!! Un be lie va ble !

    I'll let you know when I get what you sent.
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