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  1. Hi luckbealady!

    first of all i am so sorry to disturb you about this but i couldnt find the required thread i wanted to read for this info.

    My problem and a question for you:
    i want to buy a laptop for my brother from sdm on 4th Oct for 20x pts. HP is on sale for $299.99 and acer is on sale for $349.99. (My budget is $350.00 max). He is going to use it for web surfing, documentation (resume making etc). Some other simple stuff etc. so what do you recommend from these two laptops?

    or if you have the link of that forum where you have given comprehensive reviews about laptops and tablets that would be awesome too.

    if you give me a good advice then i am already planning to bug you AGAIN about buying a tablet from sdm during next super/ mega redemption days. Lol
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