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  1. thks
  2. well i hope it works for ya
  3. well you are very lucky I am really thinking weight watchers this time around..
  4. i serisouly have no clue how i did it, i walk everywheres i eat what i want when i want, and my kids are now 11 and 9
  5. how did you lose the weight? I was over 200 about 3 years ago..walked everyday lost the weight..but now since having 2nd kid I am back up and I am close to trying weight watchers.... looking for the easy way out this time
  6. well i guess at one point being over 220lbs and now 130 makes a diffeance than me wearing baggy clothes all the time, i wear mostly short shorts and tanks in the summer
  7. lol I think once I hit 30 rolls came free now 32 and no longer worried about the "frass" & rolls ..I am more worried about it fitting good for you though, If i could attempt to pull something off like that I would
  8. I have 2 kids, have rolls, far from a skinny person nothing flat on me but i weat what i want and if people dont like it too bad, i was told i dress like a teenager but oh well i dont look my age anyways
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