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  1. HI, Haven't seen you in forever on here...hope all is well. How are the kids? Have you been busy?
    Just checking in and wanted to see how you are.
  2. Did you get the other AJ coupons I sent you forever ago? I never followed up so I hope you got the 2nd envie from me! Great pics you posted on the thread- it's so fun to see who you are!
  3. I know I am late but I sent your big envie today...only thing is you gotta tell me if I put in the 5.00 Goodstart coupon, I think I forgot because I needed to ask what one you need, so pm me back and I'll send you you have any more Aunt jemima coupons, or can you get me some more, lol?
  4. congrats on your April win!!
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