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  1. AH! Your pregnant! Congratulations!!!! I'm so out of touch, I had no idea!
  2. You are crazy generous! Thanks for the envie! Got it today and I appreciate the unexpected RAOK! How are you feeling??
  3. Thanks for the rep!!!! No not pregnant yet! we have started TTC #1.. so finger crossed it happens in the next couple of months! Congratulations on your new addition!!! I miss our chats!!!
  4. THAT is EXCITING! So nice to meet someone who 'gets' you like that - I hope it works out! Nothing new here. Slow and steady, ready for SUMMER anytime now
  5. LOL no you didnt.... I just thought you must have been super busy!!! its all good!!! yes I have exciting news!!!! an aussie friend of mine moved here last week, and we are getting together this afternoon!! woohoo!!!!!! Now Ive never actually met this girl in person yet.... but my Dad was talking to her at a market.... and found out her DH is Canadian etc etc.... he got her email address for me... so we have been emailing back and forth for over 6 months! so Im really excited!!!! what about yourself?
  6. Bah - Did I even reply? I'm getting so behind in PMs! Thanks for the offer - nothing here but I did do a trade for a few so I'm all good! Anything new and interesting with you?
  7. Hey you!!! Did you end up finding the PC MIR form yet??? I noticed its in the new flyer.... and when we went to superstore last night they had a HUGE display right in the entrance! hopefully they have one at your store too!!! let me know if you still need some sent to you!
  8. Good morning!!! I just did a trade for 10 75 cent off smart bread coupons.... so Im all set! and also for 2 of those PC MIR forms..... Thanks for the offer though! Have a great day!!!
  9. I don't think I've had a pogo in about 20 years Have one for me
    Sounds like a plan - you can really make some $$ on this MIR. The OOP can be pretty low on 5 of those products so I'll be using MANY relatives to help feed the fam Thanks for looking out for me too - it's always easier with a little help from my SC friends!
  10. I forgot to look in the cereal aisle with I was there a few days ago lol. will be going again in a few days! I wanna be bad and get another box of pogos lol.If I find the forms I will do the same as you... grab a few extras and send them your way!
  11. That will be AWESOME. I'll let you know if/when I find them and send them along if you still need them. I always seem to find them but I worry that I won't and end up trading when I don't need too. Grrr.
  12. Hey!!! sadly no havent found too many coupons lately.... Yes I would like to get my hands on 2 of those new high 5 MIR forms!! Hope I get my FPCs in the mail from the first one soon!
  13. Hey! Any sign of good coupons up your way? I'm looking to score some Quaker $25 MIR ones and haven't ventured out to look yet...I suspect I'll be able to find them at SS.
  14. cold here too!!!! grrrrrrr lol. Sure would love a free trip to Oz! but my sister and I are supposed to be saving up for our Mum to come to Canada for a visit.... but my sis is really struggling right I dunno how thats going to pan out... Mum said to me today, "oh dont worry about it, the world is supposed to end next year anyway!" LOL
  15. COLD! Why won't it warm up already! How about you? Looking for a free flight to sunny Australia
  16. Hey you!!! how are ya??
  17. Hey friend - saw you and wanted to say...well, HEY!
  18. Hey you!!! I miss our chats too!!!! I hope you and your family are well!
  19. HEY YOU! Miss ours chats
  20. Happy Birthday - hope your trip home is AWESOME!!!
  21. HEY! Haven't seen you posting much lately and wanted to say HELLO. Hope life is treating you well!
  22. Hey! Haven't seen you around the posts I've been on lately. Hope you are well and getting some fine weather in that great city of yours!
  23. It's gorgeous! AND I just scored a huge bottle of Curel Anti-Aging Body Lotion for .50 after clearance and coupon!! So yah, sun + savings = awesome Sunday. If I know Moncton, you guys are wearing tank tops and turning on the AC
  24. Thats why I posted about the deal of the week!! because I noticed no one had said anything in the Moncton section since march 29th!! Hope its nice and sunny in SJ today!!
  25. Thanks for the rep - apparently I have to spread the love around before I rep you again for your post. I find the local NB section SLOW but I keep trying to liven up the local economy with some coupons
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