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  1. Same here, haven't had much time to be on SC but getting back in the swing of things, lol

  2. Hi! Thanks for the rep! Hope your doing great! Did you get the Bakers sets yet...just curious!
  3. Thanks for the visit I appreciate the comment on my kids - I'm such a mom.
    Happy Mother's Day to you as well. I bet 23 years goes by toooooo fast!
  4. Thanks for the rep! I did find the pizza pop coupies from a SCer in Toronto, so they are on their way!
    Yes, it seems like the deals move from west to east & I think its the same for I seem to find the new ones about a week or so after someone posts about them from the west....strange!

    What a beautiful family you have!
    Happy Mothers Day! My DS is 23yrs now!

  5. Thanks for the rep Good luck finding the pizza pop coupons - the people I know with them are too far out west to be sure they would get here in time. I randomly did a trade a few weeks back when I saw them going on sale out west for about the same price. Is it me or do the good deal start out there and move to nationwide / east chains later? Have a great day
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