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  1. Thanks so much for the holiday rep!
  2. I want to have some too! I tried my hand making some homemade ones a while back (used a Canadian Living mag recipe). They turned about pretty well but am always looking for a more "authentic" recipe. Do you have one you can share? If it's I completely understand.
  3. You crack me up! Ok, we're having perogies for supper tomorrow!


  5. Oh, you ARE a temptress!
  6. I shouldn't say that's awesome, but that's awesome!
    Probably just a 24 hr banishment, so let's enjoy the peace while we can.
  7. She got banned, oy! I wasn't on in the afternoon or early evening, so don't know if something else happened, or what...
  8. She obviously has no idea.... no idea at all!

  9. Oy, had a laugh at this post - like she cares about 'fair' - such irony!
  10. Yup, nothing is more en'dear'ing than someone being condescending...
    LOL on the pic!
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