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  1. Thank you, yes, it was very nice, hope yours was nice too.
    To answer your previous question, baby Ava was born
    last Sunday, May 28th, 7 lbs 13 oz.
    Very long wait for her arrival, but thankfully all okay.
    We had a family BBQ on Saturday, and she met her
    two little cousins. (So grateful that all is amicable, so
    went very well.)
  2. Congratulations.
    How much did she weigh, and what's her name?
  3. Hello and hope you are feeling better.
    My granddaughter arrived today after a long 2 1/2 day wait.
    Met her and she is so adorable!
  4. I'd forgotten, sorry. But that's wonderful. I hope all goes well & congratulations.
  5. Yes, very sad. What a very long and difficult battle she endured.

    I am reminded of the circle of life, today I am expecting a brand
    new grand baby. Later today, hopefully...
  6. Would like that.
  7. We should catch up soon.
  8. Thanks, my dear, and you're right. I really can't explain's
    just all-encompassing. I hope you're doing well, I haven't been following.
  9. Thanks my dear for the, you unearthed an ancient post.
    That was SO dumb of me!
    Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!
  10. Thanks hon. I am home, and resting a lot. Didn't even wake up this morning till Jake couldn't 'hold it' any longer about 10:30. It'll be awhile before I'm all better, but one day at a time, right.
    I hope all's well with you.
  11. Hello, my dear. Been away from here, so sorry to read
    that you were in hospital...don't know why.
    I hope you are recovering well at home and feeling much better.
  12. I'm actually really happy for you. With the new baby, the truth being 'out there', and enjoying the holidays so much, with the family. A far cry from this time last year. That's exciting.

    Oh, a visit, that would be fantastic. Can't wait.
  13. Hi, my dear. Thanks for the wishes, and yes, it was a very nice Christmas. Spending fun time with my family over all three days, 24th - 26th, was wonderful. It was my DGD's first, and she loved it...taking in all the excitement, crawling everywhere and slowly and methodically ripping the wrapping paper off her presents! Also, since 'the truth will set you free', it was more relaxed for me. I hope you had a lovely holiday too, with your family and friends. You know, in the New Year, Benji and I would love to come visit you in Whitby...maybe we'll call it the year of new adventures!! Hugs, M.
  14. Thank you, my dear. Hope you're doing well.
    Haven't been around much as I'm contemplating
    big changes...would be nice if they were in the east.
    Hugs, M.
  15. Good morning M. Thank you; it was really a nice surprise.

    Can you post some pics of the wedding, at least one of your DD, I'd love to see them - please.

    I think you'd have to go back about 3 weeks on the chat thread to read everything, but I left on July 22nd, returned on Aug. 7th. Went to Florida, as usual. I have a time share on the east coast. I did a lot of 'stuff' there, and some of the pics are on the thread too. I didn't post often, just too busy.

    Enjoy this fantastic summer.
  16. Congrats on your win! So glad to know we're not totally wasting our time on that site.
    Wonderful to have a home renovation paid for!
    Hope you enjoyed your trip...I missed the details on that, when you left, with whom and exactly where to?
    My daughter's wedding on Saturday was beautiful, as was she. Will always treasure it.
    Hugs, M.
  17. Glad you're having a great time! Enjoy your fishing trip!
  18. I'm still fighting the temptation.
    Hey, I'm always cool. LOL
  19. So happy for you, great win! And possibly enough to
    cover your dental app't! I gave in to the a/c two days
    ago, when opening the windows was no improvement.
    Stay cool.
  20. Was today your b/day? I'm so sorry, I didn't know. So, I sincerely wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  21. Had a very nice day today celebrating my b'day with family in the city.
    It was just fine without....
    (Still delaying though...will let you know.)
    Hope you had a lovely day, my dear. XOXO
  22. Wow, you sound just as busy as I am, but an exciting day for you today. Me, I went to a pow-wow yesterday, lots of great entertainment, (to celebrate National Aboriginal day) then today, after the church picnic, I went to the Metis festival, then down to the lake for a walk on the beach... I just love this weather !!!!!!
    "D Day" take a deep breath.
  23. Hope you're enjoying the weekend! The big day is August 6th.
    Today going to London for GD's baptism at the beautiful
    basilica downtown. Lots of family there, and also, I've decided,
    last event before 'D Day'. Keeping calm....
  24. Nice. Hope it was a nice day for you all. When's DD's wedding?
  25. Yup thanks, just came in from gardening. This afternoon, off to the city for a three-generational
    visit to the bridal shop for my DD's fitting. Consciously looking to make good memories whenever
    possible. Hugs, M.
  26. Sounds nice my friend. Enjoy.
    Me, went to a BBQ yesterday, but nothing on the rest of the w/end. Just happy it's nice out. I see mowing in my future. LOL
  27. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend. Spent yesterday at my daughter's,
    and today off to London to my son's and the kiddies! Hugs, M.
  28. It was a disappointing loss, and boy, was I ever sore. By the time I got home, I could barely get into the house, and it's still not good today.
  29. Watched part of the game, in your honor. It was exciting for a while, too bad
    it didn't last. I'm really impressed with your gumption to get yourself to the Opener!
  30. Thank you, I also wish you a whole lot of luck of the Irish.
    I really am thinking though that I need to make my own luck happen...and soon.
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