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  1. Oh god tell me about it! Everything is uber hectic and time flies by super fast... YET - when you're having a crappy day, time stands still. That's Murphy's law I tell ya! One of these days I'm going to meet this 'Murphy' and I'm going to slap him. I will, I really will!
  2. Pretty good, but busy. I don't know why it seems life won't just slow down for a few days.
  3. Short of the weather it's ok. How you been doing?
  4. Good morning Mercy, how's life been treatin ya?
  5. I really do need to update the list, one of these days I will. Won't be on much for the next couple, the little one screwed the home computer, so I'm at work right now, hope our bud can fix it for us.
  6. That's great! You're welcome luv

    Keep your WL up to date for when I go A-Skanking!
  7. Thank you so much for the raok envy I received today Mercy, it's great and I am able to use all the coupons you sent. Thanks so much, Moe.
  8. Oh Oh Oh I love surprises!
  9. Oh my, you are too funny. By the way, someone has requested I plan something for someone on here, I'm guessing you would be happy to get involved. Will fill in all the details over the weekend.
  10. *readjusts halo* However do you mean?
  11. LOL, your crazy, and I love it. Thanks for the smack.
  12. *SMACK*

    Nuttin' but love
  13. Hi Moe Can you PM me your address please? Thx!
  14. Serene, ya that's about the only part of my life that is that way. Oh, I didn't mean for me by the way Mercy for coupons, I was thinking about a couple other sc'ers that I know that r worried about making it even till christmas, let alone christmas itself. Will pm ya with an idea I have going on.
  15. I like the colors on your page. It's so very serene.
  16. OR you can just look at my trade list... all the food is up to date for the most part. feel free to pick out anything you want and I'll pack up the envy (s) as you see fit.
  17. Things are well here, just waiting out the upcoming storm we are suppose to get hit with. I agree about christmas, my kids get plenty but when I see what other folks spend on their children it's like what the???? So, we spend about $125 on each including clothes, but I like doing the big meals so everyone is together. I do the big breakfast and invite family and friends over to watch the little ones open gifts. One year I had 23 for breakfast, and my house is tiny. Ya, I help organize the christmas hampers in our town, and it's slowly starting to grow again with the amount of families in need. Hey, I know a member or two who are in pretty needy situations now if you have a couple extra envies.
  18. Not too shabby dear friend, not too shabby Patty and I had a few good skank runs so I've been making envies for those SCrs we know who can really use them and I've been busying myself hunting down some stuff for the xmas baskets. I hate to admit but I really do dislike xmas. It's so not what it used to be We didn't have any money growing up so we never had a million gifts. We had one or 2 'good' gifts and a lot of little things and everyone opened their gifts one at a time and thanked everyone. now it's a race to see who gets the pricier gifts and it seems like there are a lot more people 'in need' than there used to be. Wow... I'm rambling LOL Sorry. How are you?
  19. Ahhh, thanks for the rep boosts, how have ya been?
  20. Oh thanks Mercy, but it's ok. I have a hard time around my area using english coupons, let alone French, but I appreciate the offer. It's no problem anyways, got tons of them today when the smart source came out. Take care, Moe.
  21. Can you use French coupons? I might have stuff from your WL if you can
  22. Lol, he has his moments.
  23. Thank you! He must be an awesome guy
  24. Hey I just noticed your bday is the same as the hubby's. Happy Belated Birthday.
  25. HI Mercy, here they start this coming Tuesday, and the little one will start on Thursday, they bring only a few little ones in each day for the first week. I imagine it's gonna be rough tough, thank you for asking, I will let you know next week.
  26. How was the 1st day of school? You survive it OK?
  27. Good morning MercyEhm, thanks so much for the rep boost. Hope you have a wonderful day, Moe.
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