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  1. I hear you.... and I send you some things to keep you company
  2. As long as you are enjoying yourself!
  3. Now we take it easy before Wild Humpday wednesday comes along! Mmmmmmm hmmmmm! And to your previous question... both!
  4. Settle me down...... or?
    We shall see....or is that feel? Hope you are enjoying the day!
  5. Hope you are having a great Monday! Don't work too hard, or else I may have to try to settle you down
  6. Been keeping myself busy. Usually only get a quick chance in the morning to pop up into SC. Dont worry, I havent strayed too far. I'll always make sure to get back to ya!
  7. Me forget about you? No way.... I was thinking you had forgotten me....
    Yes The sent is wonderful..... how about you? ooking forward to hearing from you..

    in many ways! xoxo
  8. Hey mizz sassiness! Thought you had forgot all about little ol' me. How is everything? I am sure it is still smelling magnificent.
  9. Im doing pretty good actually. Halloween was eventful, we went partying on Friday and Saturday night, Sunday was full of lounging around watching old Horror movies! Sadly I was not dressed as a devil, but rather an Outlaw... make of it what you will.

    How was your weekend? Hopefully nothing too ghastly.
  10. How are you doing? Did you have a happy Halloween?
    Were you dressed as a devil
  11. You are so sweet.....
    Are you still going back and forth to Ottawa? That is one of my territories for work....
    I too am incredibly busy at work.... I am time do not take a quick break for lunch until 3.... All work and no play... makes you.....
    I just didn't want you to forget about me....
  12. Hahaha, im sure your breath is perfectly fine, and your scent could never be bad! I've just been super busy here at the office, hardly found time for myself lately. I hope everything is going amazing for you. Hope you are having a a hauntingly great October.
  13. do you need any or

    Let me know .....

  14. Thanks for the thanksgiving wishes... turned out to be a downer of a weekend, caught a bug and am still extremely sick.
  15. Have a very happy Thanksgiving...
  16. To me you are...
    As for I can't help it... the way I react.... I seem to recall an intriguing exchange not too long ago that can't be disclosed in here....
  17. Im kind of adorable... , ah who am I kidding, i am arent i?

    Time off during the weekend, well every Thanksgiving weekend on the saturday I get together with a bunch of friends who all went to highschool together for our annual Thanksgiving Football game, followed by Mandarin buffet, so I am looking forward to that, Sunday and Monday we are having Thanksgiving celebrations. Dont know how much relaxing will happen, but Monday night I plan on kicking off the shoes and putting my feet up!

    Why cant you help yourself? Do you feel like you are losing control?
  18. You are adorable.... I can't help myself when I see you..... I hope you will have some time off over the weekend?... Time to play and relax...mmmmmmmmmmm
  19. I am doing okay... very aggravated and busy lately... havent even had time to relax during the nights... but thats how it goes, when the going gets tough... i get busy!

    I hope everything is going good with you. I know you're still keeping it sexy.
  20. Hello you! You are most welcome! and thank you for the sexy day note.... I couldn't live woithout it!
  21. Hey Mmmme... yes, yes I would! Thanks for the reps and have yourself a sexy day!
  22. I hear and understand how you feel.... I am sure it is a chore going to Ottawa so often...Will they transfer you there? Well it is alwasy good to hear from you. Am heading to Mtl this weekend..... If you can write, I will respond! xoxo
  23. ... and mine as well!
  24. My pleasure!
  25. Wow! You must be great at what you do!
    I must say it was good to hear from you while I was away.....
  26. Alas, I am alive... and well, I barely made it through the trenches, but I swore I'd climb out of that hell-hole and get back here to SC! Fingers are crossed for another win, however today is going to be another busy day... They have me goin back eastways to Ottawa again next week, but I am back just in time for the show!
  27. I understand... however I will await further word from you....
  28. Hey, sorry I didn't respond yesterday, I was juggling a bunch of situations. However, I hope you have a great vacation! You know where to find me if you need anything at all...
  29. Me... wicked? Well, that was a good guess! I always have fun!
  30. I knew there was a wicked side to you! I was right on the money!
    11 hours.... I guess you needed it!

    I would have asked and m,ost likely not in here if you had fun being in bed foir 11 hours....
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