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  1. It looks like thw Wall Tour will beat out the Darkside Tour hands down (from what I have read).
    Trade you Jealousies. LOL!!
  2. I was scrounging for money when I first heard that he was coming back, luckily Q did their giveaway, and somehow I got through to 107. I am extremely jealous of you for seeing Darkside tour, i had a few friends who went, they all still say it was the best show they have ever been too. I am expecting nothing but brilliance from Roger.
  3. Oh, I wish that I had Tickets to see Roger!! Just not in the Budget. I saw him on his last Tour (Darkside). AMAZING!!!!
    This will be a Phenomenal Show, for sure!!!!
  4. Thats part of the mystery and mastery that was Pink Floyd! Are you planning to go to at least one of the Roger Waters show in September? Now, I don't think that Gilmour will make his promised appearance in Toronto, but out of the whole tour Waters is staying here for the longest period of time, so my fingers (and toes) are crossed!
  5. It does look like the Pompeii Era. Yes... I have seen Live in Pompeii many times and it still blows me away. What gets me is the Irony... "Live" in Pompeii, yet there is no Audience.
  6. Happy someone noticed! I believe if I am not mistaken thats in Pompei, great video too... if you haven't checked it out already you should, and if you have, you should again.
  7. Oh... NICE Pic of the Floyd Boys you have there!!!!
  8. THANKS for the Rep!!!!
    And sure... a slice... I mean Pint for Everybody.
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