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  1. Just saying hi..
  2. Boo!!..
  3. Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. hey Cab!!
  5. Not saying its not nice,lol. Hell have you ever been to timmins its a s**t hole..well its ok at the most.
  6. Why? Its nice here! We have a beautiful river valley, and of course WEM!!
  7. I lived in calgary for 1 1/2 years but never been to edmonton.
  8. Hi Cab - went to Taste of Edmonton yesterday. Yummy food.
  9. Not sure.
  10. Ha ha - they look dirty because they used dingy paint and old wallpaper?
  11. All those old shows look, well old lol. How come all the shows like maude, archie bunker,etc. It seems all the walls and doors etc look dirty or is it just me.
    and thanks, yeah my uncle was 75 but I had not seen him in like 15 years because I had been living in Vancouver and then Timmins.
  12. And oh - according to woofy's message to you, sorry to hear about your uncle's passing too. Sincere condolences, and may his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen
  13. Ya - Maude too! Was she not Bea Arthur??? hmm - trying to jog memory here.
  14. I'm 38 and like the older shows too like maude,lol.
  15. You are like my son then. He likes those shows too - and Frasier etc. He is 26 so I guess those were shows from your childhood. I even try to catch old episodes of Three's company, the Jeffersons, and I would so love to see Gilligan's Island too
  16. I still like to watch seinfeld,friends,etc when I can.
  17. Yeah, they just dont make shows like that anymore! All these reality shows and stuff. Hopefully our faves will make a comeback soon
  18. Just some misc nonsense on my part, lol but I like the show.
  19. Hi Cabmonk!! - I love Al Bundy too
  20. Good luck!!
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