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  1. And a Happy New Year to you!

  2. And Happy Hallowe'en to you, too!

  3. Happy Halloween mcminsen!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. DANCING PICKLES doing the twist rock!!!

  6. Have a great weekend
  7. Sending you tons of patience and hugs!! Take care and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Vancouver. Vancouver Pizza too - haha. M
  8. Thanks for your well wishes! I had been traveling for two weeks and just got home on Monday. There are so many ways it could have been much worse, though. And it's good to have insurance. All I really need is a lot of patience. You can send me some of that!

    I presume it's getting summery in your neck of the woods? It's hard to believe that the days will start to get shorter soon.
  9. Oooo Grant - pole (sorry) to hear of the big floods. But Noah's Ark has rescued you and you are safe and sound. The best thing is that the coupon collection etc was saved! What a good stroke of luck that was eh?

    Hopefully you are staying at a nice hotel, (paid for my insurance), and take this experience as a fun one (I know you are such a positive guy), and soon it will be time to go back home to a brand new apartment - complete with coupons!!!! Take care. - Mehr

    PS Anything I can do for you my friend? Do you need anything? I can always Greyhound it over!
  10. Hiya! Yes, the Canucks are a disaster right now, but so is my apartment. Halfway through the game last night a pipe burst in the apartment immediately above us and Niagara Falls starting coming through our place. The water was actually gushing out of the light switches.

    We are in a hotel now for perhaps a week and it might be another month or more before new walls, cupboards, appliances and carpet are put in. Meanwhile, my computer and coupon collection are safe and sound in my little office/den, which was the only unaffected area of my apartment.

    I'm looking forward to a month from now when the postal strike situation might be over, the Canucks will be savouring their first cup and my home will be back to normal. One can dream, right?
  11. Hello buddy - long time no see, no talk - How ARE you doing?

    By the way - Go Canucks! (they better start winning - grr)
  12. Happy Easter!
  13. Yaay! A round of pickles to all! Thanks for accepting my friend request mcminsen
  14. Thanks for the friend request!
  15. Thanks for the Buckley`s RAOK, and the lovely pics of Vancouver!
  16. What summer? I think it completely bypassed us this year!!! Have a great time with the coupons! I see you are still doing the RAOKs. How sweet of you. Take care!
  17. Jambo!

    Thanks for the rep. I hope you had good summer. It was late arriving here on the "wet coast" but I'm glad we didn't have too much heat, like the summer of '09. I hope you are keeping well. I am busy as ever with my coupons!
  18. Jambo! Heri ya Pasaka mhk! I hope you had a good weekend. Mimi sijambo. My weekend ended well because I was able to find a few copies of the Brandsaver, but it took a lot of work.

    Maybe I have some coupons for you. I have too many and would love to send you some for the Maxx cat litter and Iams food and some others. I also have dog food coupons. I pick these things up as I'm searching for other coupons because I think that maybe I can give them to somebody sometime. I will send you a picture of the cat coupons in a personal message.

    Let me know what you think. Take care and ciao 4 now.
  19. Heri ya Pasaka McMinsen! ( Good Easter wishes). Nah! no luck with the brandsaver coupons - sigh. I was hoping to get some kitty litter (Maxx Scoop) ones because of my daughter's three cats - who live with us use up quite a bit. They are sweet though, and now that I can stack at |London Drugs, IAMS has become quite cheap. I usually have to buy the Eagle Pack or some other expensive crap brand because they get hairballs, but I am also mixing Iams. Their favourite is fancy feast! I give them hard food most of the time and every so ofter crack open some soft food. They like the pate, not the bits and gravy. So picky! Now my dog ha ha - he eats anything and everything. Mbwa yangu anapenda chakula. (Dog mine likes food). (Cat in kiswahili is paka). Happy easter bud! - Mehr (my real name)
  20. Jambo! Wasemaje ndugu mhk? I hope you have been keeping well. Habari ya Brandsaver? Did you get yourself a copy? As you can probably guess, I am having to be very hodari to get myself one. And that is mzuri!
  21. Mimi sijambo pia (also). Hapa Edmonton, tumepata barafu mingi (Here in-Edmonton, we got snow lots) - you make sense of that sentence . Wow! I love Robson Street and the atmosphere around there, - its sure busy eh? We were in Vancouver in November I think, but stayed at the Delta overnight on the way to our condo in Victoria. Long story, but we have a condo in the Mayfair area in Victoria, and now that our daughter has moved back to Edmonton, we still have not rented it out - so every once so ofter we will go to Victoria and escape the harsh Edmonton weather. Funny eh that Edmonton always has snow, and we got more this weekend, yet Vancouver has no snow - I am getting rather tired of the bleak landscape! My daughter and her boyfriend just returned from New Zealand after a month there, and are they ever tanned (burned even). I like snow, but its rather tiring to have it for 8 months a year, and makes the landscape look so bleak and yukky.

    It will be a treat to see the pictures. I better start visiting the Tea Room then.

    Take care, and goodbye is Kwaheri (of good luck) in Kiswahili.

    We used to have this old British teacher when I was growing up, and he used to say Kiswahili sounds like "Kiss your heelie" ha ha
  22. Jambo! Habari yako? Mzuri? Mimi si-jambo. Habari ya Shoppers Drugmart?

    I am very excited to be here in Vancouver for the Olympics. We just don't know what is going to happen. The weather could be okay, or not. The flame might go out, or not. The protests might get messy, or not.

    There is already so much starting to happen, especially with the "Cultural Olympiad". There is going to be art and dance and music and partying like we've never seen! I live downtown, just a 3 minute walk from the stadium on Robson Street. When I was out for a short walk tonight I had to stop three different times to give people directions. It's going to be crazy, but fun.

    Like many people, I don't have tickets to any of the sports events but there will be so much to see and do besides that. I hope to get lots of pictures and will try to post them on the pictures thread in the Tea Room.

    Now, how do you say goodbye in Kiswahili?

    Take care and ciao 4 now.
  23. Mimi sijambo! Actually, I don't speak Kiswahili, yet. I just picked that little bit up from your post on the SDM Optimizing thread. I thought it was so neat that somebody would use that expression (" Swahili to me!") and then get an immediate response from a Swahili Canadian! What a country!

    I'm sure there was no offense intended as it's like saying "It sounds like Greek to me!".

    You said: "Mimi sijambo. Habari ya Vancouver?"

    Let me guess... that means something like "Very nice hello. How is Vancouver?"...?

    My answer would be "Wet, green and cold." ...but not as cold as most of the rest of Canada!
  24. Mimi Sijambo. Habari ya Vancouver?
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