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  1. My best wishes to you this holiday season g/f! We miss you! Take Care!
  2. Hello Ecat ,thanks so much for your kind words to me,yes its a total tragedy ,the summer was hell and if anything im trying to look at things that his pain is over. He put me through hell this summer and I had to pretty much go into hiding ,now time to start a new life and move on. Silly loocie told me you had asked about me and i thank u for thinking of me
  3. Welcome back g/f!!!! You've been missed and gone a long time. I'm soooo sorry about everything that has happened.........also, I'm sorry I missed your birthday.......
  4. Glad you had a great week down east g/f!
  5. Hi g/f! No I didn't see any SCer's at the breakie. I don't think anyone won an invite except someone who mentioned it who calls themselves Icigarette or something. They only gave away 42 VIP invites. I didn't win one either but I went down to watch a little and enter the contest for a european cruise. They gave one away to the general public but I didn't get lucky! They gave three away to the people who got VIP invites!!! Wow, that's pretty good odds! Anyways, I tried! Have a good night and I'll talk to you soon!
  6. Hi Ecat,glad to hear u had fun at the Qpicnic did anyone from here go also? Hope u have a great weekend.Take care
  7. Just took a look at your "friends" g/f, okay I think maybe they are welcome!!!
  8. Hi Evelyn,thanks Mac needs lots of hugs right now the poor old boy as I call him,the thunder doesnt seem to bother my cat though which is good,something else that would stress Mac out ,hope all is well with u ,did ya see im going to breaky with SillyLoocie im so excited LOL,she is such a great lady,take care hugs,,Michele
  9. Have fun lazing around all day g/f! Yes, I enjoyed the weekend but what a difference between Saturday and yesterday's weather! It was great at the festival yesterday, good music and the sunshine was just right!
  10. Hey gf ,I hope u can find room for your furry little friends ,its so sad to see them in there im sure,I didnt hear anything about apicnic so I made plans for tomorrow also.Justin's prom was at the Oshawa golf club they had a great time.Im so happy for them,they are such a cute couple . Have a great day
  11. Hi, I just sent you a rep about your son's prom and then I read the one you sent me!!!

    As far as the picnic goes I'm not positive if they are doing it or not. I don't think there was a big response but they may do it on Sunday. I can't go on Sunday as I already committed a while ago to volunteer at the Humane Society's Open House this weekend. They usually have more animals adopted out when they have an open house so I really wanted to be there to see some of those poor kitties get out of there!!! I'm hoping and praying a lot of those poor souls get homes. I'll be helping out with questions in the kitty department. What are they doing for your son's prom? Should be fun for him and his girlfriend! Take Care!
  12. Glad to hear he's doing better, hope he stays that way. Hope your day goes well, although I know you won't be able to enjoy much of the sun, neither will I as I'll be at the Humane Society most of the day. Talk to later g/f!
  13. Hi there michele, just read you post about Mac. Gee, I'm sorry he has been having hip problems, that's sad. Poor guy. It must hurt to see him in pain. I guess the vets can't do anything for that eh, nothing for the pain? well, it happens to a lot of people too. hope he doesn't hear too many more firecrackers going off if it scares him. I wish him the best!
  14. Hi michele! Just read your post from last night. Yea, your on holidays as of today! Great! and your mom is coming to visit, that's exciting. Hope you have a great time, I'm sure you will!
  15. Hi there! Yes it was an absolutely beautiful day today! Water at the beach was sooo blue! Hopefully tomorrow will be nice but supposed to be somewhat cloudy, well hopefully not too cloudy, enjoy!
  16. Very Glad Justin is back safe and sound michele!Also glad you had a great time with Kelly, please wish her a good one from me!!!
  17. I'm sooo sorry michele, just got back from the S.A. but no free tickets at all for the next one (L.Z.) I'm not surprised, they are charging more than twice the price for that one. Tonight's was $30 at the door. Anyways, I did try! 5 man EB was good though!
  18. Thanks again ecat for the gift it really made me smile im feeling much better now the meds and drops help,the doctor thinks it could just be water got into my ear,its sure painful. Hope u have a great weekend.loved the vids of the kitties you had,really cute,take care and thanks for thinking of me
  19. I'm so sorry you have such a crappy infection. Wonder where it came from. When I was a kid I used to get ear infections once in a while and boy were they bad!! The doc called it Swimmers ear. I could hardly lift my head it was so painful, but when we got the drops it really helped. I know you feel bad taking a day off but you never do so just do your best to relax today, you deserve it!!! Take care and keep me informed how your doing!
  20. Good morning honey,Hope u had a good birthday yeah Ive got a ear ,sinus infection.I feel so sickly and no strength at all. Not going to work again and feel so guilty even though ive not been sick in a couple of years I neverrr miss work but its time I relax I cant be training people sick like this .yucky,hope u have a great day and a nice easter weekend
  21. OMG an ear infection! hope it goes away soon michele! Those things can be horrible, I used to get them when I was a kid! Wonder how you got it? Are you getting better, those meds the docs give can really be a godsend so to speak! Let me know.

    Thanks for your b day wishes my friend!
  22. Good morning ecatt,,I did get the email u sent to me with the pics,thanks for those.I thought there was alot more pics though but not sure who has them? Hope all is well and have a great day
  23. Hi, okay I'll call at 7:40 to see where you guys are. I have sort of bad news AFICW is not starting until 11 tonight!!! Geez you won't see much of them if any. The opening act isn't coming on until 9:30 so there's no big rush to get there I guess!
  24. yes, thanks my cold feels better, I really did sweat it out in the sauna, one a day for three days really did the trick!!!! Have a good one michele!!!!
  25. Those cashiers are sneaky are they haha,thats funny,have a great weekend my friend. take care,hows the cold by the way ? are u feeling better ? take care
  26. I know you were kidding about the cake! really I shouldn't have bought it but well it was a great deal and I know my daughter would love it!!! so there's my excuse!!! Hope tomorrow goes well for you!!! TTYL g/f!!! Watch those cashiers!!!!
  27. Hi Evelyn I hope u are feeling better this change of weather is awful,,,Im trying to rearrange my
    schedule and will know more by Monday .The Friday night is no prob its the Saturday morning 6am
    crap . Do you still have 2 tickets? Who else is playing ,take care!
  28. Oh, I'm sorry you can't go to the FICW night michele, damn your jobs do get in the way don't they!!! I was going to write to you last night and let you know I could give you and Kelly a ticket, but I felt so crappy and it was late so I turned the computer off and was going to let you know today, if you can work it out somehow let me know. I gotta try to get rid of this cold somehow so I can enjoy tomorrow night at the Sony Centre!!!
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