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  1. thinking of you
  2. I have been cpmputerless for about a month, but sure have missed you being around...just want you to know you are in my thoughts....
  3. Happy Belated Birthday - miss seeing you at Q - hope you are doing fine...cheers, and come back soon
  4. Hope all is going fine with you - have missed your posts and messages.
    CHeer to you
  5. TY for the rep - hope you have a great day cheers!!!
  6. and I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the weekend
  7. Happy Easter
  8. still laffin" - a great post...are you off today
  9. Really appreciate the rep - hope Tuesday is treating you well
  10. thank you for your lovely rep...hope this message finds you cozy and warm...snowing here so I am happy
  11. Hey girl ,hope u enjoyed the game my son was in section 300 something,wearing a devils jersey,LOL,my younger son is a leafs fanCant wait for our summer bbq it will be alot of fun finally meeting everyonesweet dreams
  12. Hi there, am heading to the game tonight...sorry you aren't there would have been fun to have met up for a pint...ah maybe at our Q summerBBQ....we are heading to the LooseMoose for pregame snacks...happy bday to your son..what section is he in I will sing happy birthday
  13. Im so glad to be back home McSkier,so nice u had fun skiing.I would love to ski again but the last time I attempted it I was 17yrs old still living down east and dislocated my knee,LOL,What a site that was haha,so now im a wimp but it is on my bucket list to do again somedayhave a great night!
  14. skiing yesterday was awesome...mind you the drive there was a little wonderful to have you back home...
  15. thank you for your in repping for now this message will have to suffice...hope you have a great friday
  16. I hope you win your next contest too McSkier thanks for your kind words and stay warm and have a great night!
  17. hope you win your next contest.....have a great day
  18. LOL,,,hmmm Whine and wine fest sounds like a reason to party,have a great night enjoy this rain even though I know u probably wish it was snow,LOL,soon enough my friend
  19. smiling I think we all need a whine and wine fest
  20. Awww thanks McSkier ,im sorry you didnt win either,really sucks but at least we all get to hang out and costs us nothing im just
    being whiny,,LOL,have a great night
  21. sorry you and Ecat did not win...I spent a kazillion points for the ski weekend and didn't win a snowflake I hope you win your next contest...
  22. Thanks McSkier so did u win the ski trip? I hope soHave a great day!
  23. good luck
  24. Happy birthday McSkier hope u had a fun day and got spoiled
  25. thank you, you are very kind. I wish I could do more. Am taking flowers tomorrow and will stay for the morning ...I continue to email the OSPCA offering to take animals. Am also emailing politicians and emailing media recommending that the Board of Directors respond to the communities offers to help - 3 vet hospitals have come forward to help...we just need some answers....they need to be accountable and truthful...
    our fury animals have no voice....I thought these places were their safe haven...silly me....
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