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  1. You are more than welcome my friend. I cannot imagine what you have been faced with and your poor boys... I do know someone that won a contest in the New York Times. She and her friend wrote a book or draft, not sure and won. She was not forth giving with information... If you want to write go for it.
  2. Hi Mmme ,thanks so much for your kind words to meyour always so thoughtful ,I appreciated it big time,,,writing a book has crossed my mind for sure got any good author friends LOL,,have a great day ,hugs
  3. Good morning Mmme im sure someone has an extra ticket so u can bring your friend along.Im sure it would do him good to get out and have some fun and get his mind off of things .I think psells has a bunch of tickets im sure someone has,ecatt has tickets for Kelly and I so im sure there is lots...cya tomorrow my friend ,cant wait!!
  4. Thank you for the rep my friend. I was thiniking of bringing one of my male friends
    as he is heading for a divorce. I like him and his soon to be ex.. and he loves music but didn't know if there were extra tickets or if he wants to go. My daughter will be staying with his daughter while we are at the show. I am really looking forward to it!
  5. Thank you so much for the rep today and the one early am..... I was surprised to see you were up so late...Hot date? None of my business.....
    I hope we win a car or that you do or I do.... We have to win some time....
  6. Well my dear friend, we have to WIN! We have been very patient....We must believe we are winning....
    All is well here.... finally...... Hope the same for you!
  7. Thansk so much for the rep... I really want to meet you too. I am not so sure I can get to the bash tomorrow night. Things going on at home.... and it is a 2.5 hr drive maybe longer... WE shall meet at some point. I am sure of that!
  8. Hi Mmmme hope u had a wonderful day,are u going to the beach party?Im so excited to meet everyone.should be alot of fun,bed time for me Sweet dreams !
  9. Aww thanks for such a nice rep with a heart Mmmme,really sweet of u your real name is beautiful!! Sweet dreams and keep smiling my friend
  10. Thanks so much for the reps.... I know you did it because I was nice to offer him.. all of him to you! I am not greedy...
    Pleasant and sweet dreams when you get there!
  11. You too my friend. I was a bit unsure if I should post it.... I am not always sure how some will take it.... and I wonder those who think they are holier than thou... usually have something hidden they want kept quiet..... Anyhow I laughed wheh I saw oit and had to post it.I am glad I gave you a laugh
  12. You know I was just thinking my friend,It is so refreshing being friends with another woman that has the sick sense of humor I do,the confidence ,prudish women bother me ,LOL,maybe its cuz we are both east coast gals,gotta be,have a great night and thanks for the laugh!
  13. Im so glad your ok!!
  14. It sounds fabulous.... close but not too close so you can have your privacy!.
    Enjoy the weekend any way you can!
  15. Good morning my dear friend,yes it was a great day off ,I met the guy through my oldest son.He is
    friends with his daughter from when he was in school.We only live a couple streets away which is close but not too close LOL...have a great day my friend
  16. Thank you ever so much. I was really sad and I do feel better today. I think my sadness was an accunmulation of the major challenges I faced in 2010. I am delighted that I passed them with flying colours and moving forward! You are an angel... and a wonderful friend!
  17. Today is a new day Mmmme and I was thinking of how sad you were yesterday .I hope you had a good sleep and are smiling this morning
  18. Thank you Michele...Some years just get to me for some reason, and today was one of them....thank you for caring.... I appreciate your words and you!
  19. It was a gift for my birthday and it is so long..... I feel like I am in my wedding dress with the long train..... only backwards.....!
    Thank you for the anniversary wishes... and I am so happy we are friends....! Have an excellent week!
  20. Happy Anniversary !! I have a snuggy also,I love it and its warm and cozy although gotta wrap it right around to keep your bum warm,,LOL,have a great night my friend
  21. What a nice rep.. Thank you so much. Someone gave me a snuggly last weekend so I have it on right now as I am cold... It is so cozy. I hope you are good to yourself this weekend....You deserve it!
  22. Thank you Michele.
    I feel the same about you and yor boys. You are a wonderful mom doing all you do for them!
  23. Mmme your such a great mom,your daughter is so lucky to have you! Take care and keep smiling my friend
  24. Thank you Michele for caring about your friends. My mom has alwasy maintained that when your number is up, your number is up. It it is a most unusual set of circumstances that took his life!
    I appreciate you asking about my dughter. She is taking all this in stride... and knows she had her meds to take every dinner time... She is still slowly getting back to herself.... and she must be careful and remember to take these meds. We could mke a majr deal out of it, however I do not want her thinking she is a sick person. She is just 16, so to give her that awful idea would not benefit her down the road.
  25. Good morning Mmmme,thanks for your kind words Yes it was so sad,here the man surivives cancer and then goes and chokes on a doughnuts and dies,so sad and shocking for sure.How is your daughter doing ?Hope everything is ok with her,my thoughts are with you both,take care and have a great day
  26. I missed your post yesterday and I am sorry to have read about her dad.... I have been preoccupied with my daughter and her well being....
    Thank you foe the rep and we are here for you
  27. Sleep well and you are most welcome! The matress psad was over 100 maybe 125 can't recall exactly. It is king size, so queen would be less.... I know Home Outfitters has them. Or you can get it on ebay... I have fallen asleep with it on.. Google it and see who has the best price. Sweet dreams.
  28. Hey girl,Thanks for your kind words Im glad we are friends now also Thats awsome you got one of those heated mattress pads,was it expensive if I may ask.Id love to have one as I freeze at night Im not going to the breaky in the morning as I have to work so early unfortunately.Well off to bed for me ,thanks again for the coupon site every little penny saved helps gnite
  29. A long overdue friendship! I have looked after it..
    Sorry it took me so long...
  30. Thank you so much.. I am diving into bed soon... I bought an energy efficient mattress pad that heats up.. I am so tired I can't write... I turn it on 2nd lowest setting 20 minutes or so before I am ready to go to bed and it warms it up wonderfully. A year or so ago my hands and feets got so cold when I got into bed... I felt like they ddn't belong to the rest of me... Old age I guess.... lol Have a good sleep and if you go to the breakfast tomorrow, good luck! I hope you win something.. Cause if you win, thwn I can win next..
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