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  2. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!
  3. Hey Michele I just checked on FB but she is not on it. I am going to ask at work if anyone has a pic of her, geez I might even have one, I'll look too. Then I'll show you. It is amazing how you are not related. I hope all is going well. Take care, NB
  4. Hello naturebug,,thanks for your message,,ive heard i have a double,small world eh,,im not related to anyone by that name ,hmm wonder if she is on facebook im curious now LOL,,take care ,hugs
  5. Have I told you that I used to work with your double? My memory is going so I am not sure if I have. Everytime I look at your pic I am bowled over how much you two look alike. She moved to Montreal so I don't work with her anymore. Her name is Diane Negrin and she just changed it to her maiden name. Any relation?
  6. Happy Halloween!! Be safe out there!
  7. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  8. Aww thanks Naturebug and good luck to you,wouldnt Pink Floyd be awsome to see,ive never seen them being from the sticks back east haha,take care
  9. Thanks for the rep today Michele. I am in jail but will try to rep again tonight. Wishing you a great day too!!
  10. Sorry to hear about your loss, so tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care.
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