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  1. Merry Christmas

  2. Missing You!!!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day...

  4. Im so proud of you wolfie no cigs since February thats awsome!! I tried to quit earlier in the summer and tried the nicorette inhaler ,well that lasted about 2 days LOL,,,im gonna try again in the new year ,hope all is well,have a good PSunday
  5. Hi there, my Friend.
    Cig-Free since Feb. 8th... just ask Roy.
    THANK You for Asking!!!!
    Focus now on your Kids and Yourself.
    We are here for You when Needed.
  6. thank u so much for the sweet pics wolfie they really make me smile and right now I can use all the smiles I can get ,hope uare doing good,are u still off the cigs?
  7. That awsome Wolfie im so envious of u !! keep up the great work as I know its no doubt not easy,,have a great day my friend
  8. Hi there, my Friend...
    Day 64 and going Strong.
    THANK You for asking!!!!
  9. 51 days now my friend !! Good for u wolfie hang in there is it getting easier yet? take care
  10. Im soooo proud of u !! You have done so well,so whats the secret,do u eat mints,swear nonstop LOL,,are u sleeping better now also? Keep up the great work I envy you
  11. Hi Michele...
    Today I hit the 4x Week Mark (Day 28).
    THANK You for asking!!!!
  12. Thats awsome wolfie so im thinking its day 19 now for u as I was away for a day...Im so proud of u !! It takes a stubborn strong person to do it ,good for u ,are u sleeping better now ? take care,,hugs,Michele
  13. Day 18 is now under my Belt.
    THANK You for Asking (and the Rep)!!!!
  14. THANK You for the Birthday Wishes, my Friend!!!!

  15. Wow thats great Wolfie you won!! Congrats
  16. I am so sorry and saddened by the Lose of someone so close.
    Why must anyone forget the impact such vile actions are to The Family... The Friends... The Community?
    Too sad that Wonderful Memories must be tainted by the one act that will Haunt the Soul.

    My Thoughts & Prayers are with The Family and Their Friends, though I truely know them not.

    Note: I am passing this same Post to Kellyb.
  17. LOL!!!! THANKS for the Rep!!!! I used to have pet rabbits, so I have no interst in making stew out of them.
  18. hang in there wolfie,
  19. Oh, long days are nothing new. The 16 hour days can be brutal, though.
    There was not a lot that could wipe the smile off of my face today, though.
    TOO Nice of a Day!!!! THANKS for the Warm, Comforting Rep, my Friend!!!!
  20. LMAO your so funny Wolfie,,be happy the warden let u stick your nose out for a sniff,giggle
  21. LOL!! The Warden is letting me stick my nose outside the Cell. The main door is open, so I am getting fresh air in the cage. I guess that is all of the treats that I can expect.
  22. Thank you Wolf for your kind words,your so nice,i hope the warden gives u a treat today!! keep smiling my friend
  23. May your home always be too small to hold your friends.
    I hope you have had a Great St. Patty's Day!!!!
  24. Thanks for the rose Wolf thats so kind of u ,,let me run and get a vase with water to put it in,giggle,,
    Have a great day im off to work before too long,yuckkkk,,,michele
  25. I agree, my Friend... I agree!!
    I will play with the Rep Warden's Sympathies when I can.
    He is stingy though, and tries to keep an eye on me.
    If it were not for the other Rep-Violators to distract him, I may never get out.
    This is for you.
    I'm holding onto the Thorns for my next Plot to Escape.
  26. One can never have enough friends Wolfdio! Hope the warden doesnt mind,,giggle
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