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  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for the rep!
  4. Congrats on the job, sounds like they will be calling you soon Thats great news friend!!! I'm doing an application for another unit tomorrow, this one soundproof and allows dogs YAAAAAY! Comes available Jan 1st, which is pretty perfect considering the situation.
  5. Thanks for the rep! Sorry to hear about the apartment. Maybe another one will show up soon. *fingers crossed!*...had a 2nd interview for a job the other day and all my references were called today! Looks like I might finally be working again (after 8 months).
  6. Thanks for the turkey! LOL - too cute! Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Thanks so much for the Birthday Wishes
  8. Thanks! Hope your day is going well!
  9. LOL - yes! I think I might get him a top hat and cane and send him on the road. One of us needs to be working! It's a good thing my husband loves his job!
  10. Thanks, I am glad we both come from the same boat. Nice to meet you
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